Momentum Release Notes V 0.20.0

4 min readSep 20, 2022


With the conclusion of our 1st round of the Momentum Reboot process, we invited our community to our public Momentum 2023 Show & Tell — where we shared the progress of all projects, a sneak peek into roadmap for 2023 and even created a new metaverse during a public demonstration!

And today, we push all these new features to the Kusamaverse — so you can experience them in the metaverse right now! Among the updates: adding the custom emoji, special visual effects for events/gatherings, dashboard & Stage mode optimisations, reworked broadcast functionality and more!

We’ve also received some awesome gifts from our fellow friends at the GM parachain. We’ve distributed them among all the attendees of our public Momentum 2023 Show & Tell. If you haven’t collected the 1000 $FREN from us yet — then get in contact with us on Discord!

Fly around the Kusamaverse now:

New Features

1. Add your personal Emoji. As an Admin of a space/world, you can now add a custom emoji of your choice to your space or 3D world! This emoji will be added to the existing list of 16 emojis. Once uploaded, your emoji will be usable all over the metaverse by anyone!

2. Aurora Effect: new visual effects when events are taking place. When a new event/gathering is created — a mini Aurora-rain will appear in the 3D environment. When the event has started, the stage lights will be visible around the space, and they disappear when the event is over.

Reworked Features

1. Stage mode preview window (of speakers) is no longer blocking the Chat! The initial position of the preview window is now moved to the left and you can also move it around to anywhere on the screen.

2. Added a Broadcast icon. Broadcasting is not a pop-up anymore, it will be a sidebar icon on the dashboard of each space. It becomes visible once the broadcast is started by the Admin of the space.

3. Broadcasting is now accessible only through the dashboard. You will be able to see it on every space under the branch, where the broadcasting is streamed. But you won’t see it when flying around or outside of the space.

4. If the broadcasting is a live video, everyone will see it in real time. If it is a standard video users will see it playing from start once they’re in space.

5. Optimised ‘Invite people’ to space. When you invite someone to join a space, the “Invite” button is greyed out and is not clickable anymore. Much easier to see who is still not in a space!

6. Editing events/gatherings from the World Calendar is now possible for space Admins.

7. Changing your Username optimisation. Added an info message that tells you when your chosen username is taken.

8. Join event/gathering notification now can be closed.

Bug Fixes & Optimisations

1. Improved ‘Add new tile’ pop-up on the dashboard with a restyling.

2. Restyled the ‘Title’ tile visualisation on the dashboard.

3. The Grand Refactoring! A massive front-end optimisation making all current components maintainable, reusable and in supportable state and structure. As a result, we gain improved performance and experience of many existing features.

4. Improved designs and experience of the Stage mode — improved pop-ups and stage mode interactions; Stage mode moderators can mute other users.

5. Fixed the issue when you are creating an event/gathering and someone starts screen sharing it deletes your input. No longer will you be redirected to the page on the dashboard!

6. New StoryBook re-organisation of components and adding all existing components.

We warmly invite you to join our Show & Tell-sessions, every Monday at 15.00 CET in the Kusamaverse to learn and contribute!




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